System Resource Limits

We use CloudLinux on our Linux servers and set resource limits with each hosting account/plan. The following are our current limits**:

Web Hosting Plan Limits:


CPU = 100%
RAM = 3 GB 
Entry Processes = 30
I/O = 50 MB/sec
IOPS = 5024
Inodes = 300000

Reseller Hosting Plan Limits:


Reseller Advanced*
CPU = 125%
RAM = 4 GB 
Entry Processes = 40
I/O = 60 MB/sec
IOPS = 6024
Inodes = 400000

Reseller Pro*
CPU = 150%
RAM = 5 GB 
Entry Processes = 50
I/O = 70 MB/sec
IOPS = 7024
Inodes = 500000

Reseller Biz*
CPU = 200%
RAM = 6 GB 
Entry Processes = 60
I/O = 80 MB/sec
IOPS = 10024
Inodes = 600000

* Reseller amounts listed are for the resellers main account only. All sub-accounts created by the reseller receives the default limit equal to our Entry hosting plan.

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