R1Soft Backup

R1Soft Packages

- Highly popular R1Soft solution known for its lightweight performance and reliability
- High level Raid-6 protection and storage
- 1Gbps speeds for fast backups and restores
- Plans up to 10TB
- Control panel access to manage every aspect of your backups
- Bare metal restore option to get your server back online quickly in the event of complete server failure, corruption, or data loss
- Restore anything from an entire drive or directory down to a single file
- Set your own replication schedule (minutes, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, etc)

  • Our R1Soft offsite backups are an affordable yet vitally important part to any server in protecting your invaluable data. It compresses your data and makes incremental backups so you can restore from multiple days and right down to a single file if need be all while using minimal space. You are given a control panel to manage this as well. The R1Soft License is included in the backup pricing and we set it all up for you. Some benefits and pricing are below