Additional services and licenses

Bitninja Security ( Unlimited Users )

All in one security for your linux servers
Malware Detection and Removal
Intrusion Detection
IP Reputation
DOS Protection

CloudLinux OS License

All CloudLinux innovations, such as CageFS, aim to improve security and stability on servers. So where other operating systems will allow entire servers full of customers to go down, CloudLinux stays stable by isolating the impact to the offending tenant.

KernelCare Licenses

Linux servers have to be rebooted quite often to prevent security issues that pop up in the kernel. Such reboots usually have to be done during off-hours, stressing system admins. Not doing reboots can be catastrophic, and lead to serious security incidents. With KernelCare, security updates are applied automatically, to running system, without downtime – removing the need to reboot.

LiteSpeed Unlimited License
  • LiteSpeed Unlimited
  • Unlimited - RAM Limit
  • 3 - Worker Processes
  • LSCache Standard - Cache
  • Unlimited - Domains
Imunify360 License

Imunify360 License Unlimited Users.

Blesta License

Blesta is a unified billing system that does billing, support and client management. Blesta modular design means that it can work for a wide spectrum of business types from web hosting companies, to developers and many other custom niches.