As QuexSolutions continues to rapidly grow, our responsibility to our customer's continues to be our top priority. 

To help combat Spam and IP blacklisting, we have developed a new Anti-Spam Policy that includes a 3 Strike System to help you protect, manage, and control your account with us at QuexSolutions. 

99% of websites that are compromised can be prevented with keeping software updated and using strong passwords. 

Webmasters that fail to do these two things will eventually run into security issues, hence our new policy:

Strike 1: First Offense - 24 Hour Suspension

If Spam is detected from your cPanel account it will immediately be suspended for a full 24 hours to allow our team to begin assessing the damage to our network.

The 24 hour suspension will be lifted once we have made contact with the account owner via our ticket system. We will provide the customer will details that need to be taken to resolve the issue and get their website back online.

Most of the time this includes, scanning local computer, changing all passwords, and updating third-party software on the cPanel account.

Strike 2: Second Offense - Professional Account Cleaning

If Spam is detected a second time from your account it will also immediately be suspended for 24 hours to begin our damage control.

Once again, we will wait to lift the suspension until we have verified the customer has been made aware of actions necessary to stop the outgoing emails.

At this time we will recommend an "account cleaning" which can be conducted by our team for our hourly server administrative rate of $800 or we will recommend a trusted third-party that specializes in account security.

Strike 3: Third Offense - Account Termination

Unfortunately if spam is detected a third time the account will be suspended and terminated within 48 hours.

Customers that don't maintain good security practices with their accounts put our entire network at risk. Therefore we cannot continue to work with individuals who continually allow their sites to engage in illegal behavior.

Our Anti-Spam Policy is effective immediately and the "strike" system will also begin today, January 18th.  You can read the entire policy here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our team! Thank you for your business!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

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